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...helping local governments connect with their residents

One of our primary goals at iGov Websites is to provide an easy-to-use product that requires no special technical training. We want any designated official or staff member to be able to easily update the website at anytime.

We provide assistance as needed, but we empower you to manage your website as you see fit.

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We strive to develop a strong relationship with our clients. We accomplish this by providing a powerful product and excellent ongoing service and support.

We want a personalized business relationship with each client. We put a priority on getting to know you and the needs of your specific community.

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We create components that can be used for multiple clients. As a result, we don't charge for the development of our software, we simply charge a reasonable monthly fee based on the population of the community.

This approach allows us to offer a custom, quality product for a price that is unmatched in the industry.

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