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About Us

For several years now, one of our owners has been involved with his city's planning commission and city council. Previously, a resident of their city had volunteered time and expertise to build a website for them. However, over time, it became increasingly difficult to get changes made to the website in a timely manner.

One city employee was sent to an internet programming training seminar that really only covered very basic techniques, and the other employees and elected officials simply had no way to make modifications to the website. Features such as event calendars, a facility reservation system, elected officials pages, job listings, and so on were not in the realm of possibility for them at that time.

At this point, we realized that we could provide a compelling solution for local governments in the same way that we have for businesses. The websites we create for our clients are built on a very simple Content Management System (CMS) that allows any authorized personnel to manage and update the website. No special technical training or experience is required.

In addition, we create features that have wide appeal to the industries that we are serving. As a result, no one client is required to bear the financial burden of developing a new feature. We are then able to offer a very compelling set of features for an extremely competitive price.

We decided to proceed with plans to offer websites to local governments. We created a series of features desirable for city and county websites. We packaged this with unlimited email and phone support.

We want our clients for life. This is only possible if we are flexible and open with each client. We do our best to understand your needs by maintaining a constantly vigilant communication line with your community. This way we can address your ideas and concerns before they become problems.

We do not require any sort of a long term contract. You may cancel at anytime or for any reason without penalty. Our goal is that you choose to continue using our services because of the excellent products and service that we provide rather than by locking you into a contract.