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CMS Update

The following is a mockup of the new CMS design. Some of the elements will not roll out in this update... such as the "Home" button, but will be released later this year.

Here are the changes that were made:

1. The Administrative Toolbar can now be found on the left-hand side of the screen instead of the top. We made this change because most people have some room on the left side of their screen where the toolbar can sit without interfering with the website. The toolbar is still collapsible, but by moving the toolbar to the left it will allow you to work with header content more freely.

2. Icons have replaced the links in the administrative toolbar to make identifying them easier. Submenus have been added so that when you mouse over an option in the administrative toolbar, different options will appear immediately. This will allow you to navigate directly to the specific module you would like to work with instead of clicking manage modules and then scrolling to the option. Currently there are only submenu options for modules and users.

3. Drag a drop ordering for the pages will now allow you to organize website pages quickly by clicking on the grip located on the left of each bar and moving it to the desired location.

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