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Jump Start

Let us take the burden off of your shoulders.

What Is It?

Because we understand that being a business owner is a lot of work, we've created the Jump Start to help you out. We take your website and treat it like our own by using skills and expertise from the whole office. Graphic editing, content writing, and search engine optimization are just a few of the skills we employ to give your website a great start. We take the burden off of your shoulders by making sure your website looks great and is set up to do well on search engines.

What does the Jump Start include?


Page Creation

Getting started on an empty website can be an overwhelming task. By creating 6 main pages for you, we will set your website up so you can get it ready for customers more quickly and easily.


Content Creation

Having great content on your website helps you with search engines, improves the user experience and gives your website a professional feel and a finished look. For all of these reasons, the Jump Start includes 6 pages of content. Content can mean a welcome message, how-to articles, or whatever you envision. Because our writers are educated in search engine optimization, they always write with search engines in mind.

Graphic Editing

Graphics greatly improve a website by catching the visitor's eye and telling it a story. We will work with you to add graphics to your website, edit graphics, and decrease graphic load time.

Email Marketing Template Design

Email marketing is an essential part of any business. To help your email marketing efforts, we will design an email marketing template that is consistent with your website.


Facebook Fan Page Creation & Integration

Social media has grown to become a large and important part of Internet marketing. We will help you get your foot in the door by setting you up with a Facebook fan page for your business and integrating it into your website.

HTML Alt Image Tags

To make your website's code appealing to search engines, we will add HTML Alt image tags to your home page images. These tags send a message to search engines that explains what the image is about, helping search engines better understand your website. These tags will also appear if a visitor has trouble loading the images on your website on their device.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website provides no benefit unless you have traffic to your website. To get you this traffic, we will optimize your main pages for search engines by adding page titles and meta tags to them. These tags are a key factor in telling search engines what your page is about so they can send you the right kind of traffic. These tags appear as the title and description of your search result. Because we've done a lot of research and have a lot of experience, we know what words to use to create the best tags for your specific website.

One on One Training Appointment

To help you fully understand how to use all of the great tools available on your website, we walk you through a personalized, one on one training where you can ask questions and choose what you want to learn about.

What does the Jump Start cost?

 The Jump Start price is $499.
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